Wide Open Spaces

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About the ease of being.

When living in the city or a more or less well developed place one is constantly surrounded: by human beings, buldings, cars, etc,….the list goes on.

How nice to get away from everything! And where better to find refuge than at the edge of an ocean?

There is no denying the sense of liberation that wide open spaces provide us with. At Venao Cove we have plenty of that! The beach cabins are spread out on 5 hectares right by the sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Here are some more reasons why it´s a great idea to start planning your vacation at Venao Cove:

Despite of the resort style layout of the property Venao Cove is not a hotel but a down-to-earth hostel, which means:

  • you will have access to a fully equipped kitchen. Yes, it can be nice to eat out. Once. Or twice. But nothing beats being able to buy your own groceries and preparing the food that you love to eat yourself.
  • You will have access to large common and lounge areas with beautiful beach views. The hammock shack by the beach is a popular spot to soak in the peacful ambiente of the Cove.
  • Our rooms are comfortable, clean AND affordable!

Come and see it for yourselves!


The Venao Cove Family.