Playa Venao is a regional classic.

This place was discovered in the 60´s and since then it has attracted mayor surfers from around the world, like Tom Curren, Matt Archbold, Sunny Garcia and others. The most recent exposure has been from International Contests held by Billabong, Reef, the ALAS (Latinamerican Surf Association) and local Panamanian Surf Circuit which has brought all kinds of surf pros from around the world and international media.

Playa Venao Surf is consistent all year around. The peak season for surfing, with steady off-shore winds lasts from around December to May. The biggest swells will come around march. From that time onwards you can expect more consistent swells with  winds variating between South and North throughout the day with different intensities. In most cases, the glassy mornings will dominate and after 10:00 -11:00 am you can expect some onshore winds. In the late afternoon it’s likely to calm down again to glassy. After rains it often gets very glassy.

Venao Cove is located right behind the beach. Beginners will enjoy the break out front of the hostel while more advanced surfers might prefer venturing down along the beach towards the main break.



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