Self catering made easy at Venao Cove

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Why you will love cooking with our new cast iron pots and pans!

At Venao Cove we take our clients feed-back seriously. We have had some comments about the poor state that our kitchenware was in. And it’s true – they where! In our defense, we have not one but a total of five kitchens on our property for the use of our guests and what you find at the stores in our province is mainly either Aluminum or Teflon, both of which we know are unhealthy and don’t have a long life span. We got tired of either and finally invested in cast iron cook ware, plenty of it! Each of our kitchens is now equipped with them and they make the preparation of a healthy meal while holidaying at Venao Cove easy!

Cooking with cast iron is not a new idea – many generations have used them. The metal gives a steady heat that helps foods brown beautifully and cook evenly. With the right care cast iron cookware will last a life-time and can be passed on generation to generation. The seasoning of the pans will not only keep your food from sticking, (as long as you make the pans nice and hot before throwing anything in), it will also keep the amount of iron consumed to a appropriate amount that is beneficial for your health!

We hope you will enjoy our new pots and pans! 😉

Lots of Love from the Venao Cove Family!