Susi's Suites

At Venao Cove we have all the options available in regards of budget and comfort.

Susi’s Suites, as the name hints, where created for the most fastidious of our guests. The four rooms are very spacious  and superbly located on a small hill, directly facing the ocean, at only 25m distance to the beach.

Two rooms share a large outdoor terrace and one kitchen, all four of the rooms have ocean-views and of course a private bathroom with hot showers.

There are 4 options for bedding-constelations:

Susi Suite hostel venao cove

Susi Suits 1: one king bed. Especially popular with couples who like to enjoy one of the nicest options to stay with us.

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Susi Suits 2: one queen bed and one single bed. When traveling in a group people often choose to book Susi 1 and Susi 2 together, as they share a porch and the kitchen, with beautiful views of the propert and the ocean. But even when rented sepeately, due to the generous size of the rooms you will have plenty of privacy.

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One Queen and two single bed (bunkbed) – a great family-room!

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Susi4: One King sized bed and one single bed.

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