How to get to Venao Cove

Unless you come in by land from Costa Rica ( See below for How to get to Venao Cove coming from Costa Rica) or by Sea from Columbia you will fly into Panama City’s international Airport, Tocumen – PTY.

Upon arrival at the airport you may want to buy a SIM-card for your phone for around US$ 2.00 – Claro and Movistar work in Playa Venao. Buy credit for your SIM and choose one of the Data packages. You can buy Internet for around US$ 1.00 / day. This will enable you to navigate to Playa Venao if you come by rental car and/or use Uber to get around in Panama City, the most economic way. Taxis are also affordable. 

Uber-fare from the airport to Down-Town: ~US$ 20 – 25. Taxi-fare from the aiport to Down-Town: ~US$ 30 – 35.

If you plan to travel to Venao Cove  by public transport or the Shuttle-Service and fly into PTY in the afternoon our recommendation is to spend one night in Panama City. Travel on to Playa Venao early the next morning. See below for how to travel to Venao Cove by Public Transport or for How to travel to Venao Cove taking the Shuttle Service.

If you rent  a car at the airport you have the option to travel straight on to Playa Venao, about a 5 hour drive. When arriving in Panama City you may choose to drive out of the city and spend a night somewhere on the way, which is what we do when we travel with our family. We usually stay one night in or around the Rio Hato area. Be aware of rush hour though– 4:30pm- 7:30pm. During this time it is best to avoid driving into and out of the city.  Especially in the Avenida Balboa area and towards the bridge of the Americas as everyone is leaving the city through there. Rush hour in the mornings: 8:00am – 10:00am.

Driving out of the city from the airport we like to take the way of the alternate Centennial Bridge. To us it seems like there is usually less traffic there.

How to travel to Venao Cove by Shuttle Service

Taking the shuttle bus is a very convenient way to travel to Venao Cove. Especially if you are traveling alone or in a group of two, as they charge on a per/Person base: US$ 40 one way, US$ 70 RT. Venao Tours operate daily Monday through Saturday. Private shuttles for the whole minibus can be arranged for any day of the week including Sunday. Book directly with Venao Tours:



Monday – Saturday

Tocumen airport – Playa Venao: 6:30am
Panama city – Playa Venao: 7:30 am
Playa Venao – Panama city – 7:30 am

phone/whatsapp: +507 6274 3222


How to travel to Venao Cove by Public Transport

The most economic way and also the best way to experience the Panamanian culture is to travel by bus. Take a taxi or an Uber to the Albrook Bus Terminal in Panama City. Buy a ticket to Las Tablas. It is a 4hr trip to Las Tablas, busses leave every hour until 7:00pm. See below for how to travel on from Las Tablas

How to travel to Venao Cove by Air (at least part of the way)

The fastest way to travel to Venao Cove from Panama City is to take a commercial flight from the airport in Albrook “Marcos A. Gelabert” to Chitre with Air Panama. Tickets are ~$150 RT (per person if traveling in a group of 2). The duration of the flight is 30 minutes. See below how to travel on from Chitre

How to travel to Venao Cove on public transport coming from Costa Rica

From Paso Canoas, the frontier town between Costa Rica and Panama, take a bus to Santiago, then another bus to Chitre. See below how to travel on from Chitre

A Step by Step Guide:

  • From Chitre: You can either take a taxi all the way to Venao Cove (~US$ 50, ~1.5 hrs), ot take a bus to Las Tablas.
  • From Las Tablas: There is one direct bus to Venao Cove at ~13:00. You will need to take a Taxi for US$2.00 to take you to the other terminal. If you don’t make that bus either take a taxi directly to Venao Cove (~ US$ 40.00), or take a bus to Pedasi..
  • From Pedasi: Either take a taxi to Venao Cove for ~$25 or take the shuttle from Selina Pedasi for $5; ask the driver to take you to Venao Cove for an extra $2.00

Once you get here....