Venao Cove Green Season Goodies

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During green season, we get plenty of sunny days and enjoy a landscape that is breathtakingly beautiful.

It is May and in Playa Venao the hot season is coming to an end. We can’t wait for the first rains! It will be such a thrill after so many months of not a cloud in the sky to see and feel everything around us come back to life!

green season in Playa Venao

We are waiting for the moment of the first warm tropical downpour, when we know Leaf will be busy out in the heavy rain, digging trenches, making sure the water has somewhere to go. After so many months of dryness at first the soil won’t absorb a drop.

However, within an amazingly short amount of time the world around us will transitioned into the lush tropical jungle we love.

We have weekly and monthly deals on private accommodation that make green season even more appealing to our guests! Like our rancho room that is exclusively available between May and October.

Inquire with us for your very own custom quote for a weekly or monthly stay in one of our private rooms!

Whatsapp: +50764272129

Sending our love from The Venao Cove Family.