Beach life vs City Life

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by Keirsten Brown

…”nothing beats being able to hear the crashing waves from my bedroom and … to press my toes into the sand as I watch the sun rise over the horizon.”…

” Car Alarms, barking dogs, honking horns were the typical sounds I woke up to while living in Panama City. A simple walk down the street meant that my ears would be bombarded with screeching of car brakes and I would inhale exhaust smoke while walking on the hot and often broken concrete sidewalk.

Not to say that living in the city was all bad, it definitely has its advantages but for a girl who lived in the big city of Los Angeles and then moved to another big city, I was needing a change.

So I moved to Playa Venao and fully embraced the beach life while living on the premises of Beachfront hostel Venao Cove. And since then my scenery and my mental health has completely improved for the better.

I spent 8 months living at Venao had and woke up every morning to the sound of howler monkeys. Mornings were spent doing yoga in a luscious green environment that had an instant calming effect.

Cove offers many amenities for different types of travelers. Quiet dorms for average travelers. Camping and hammock options for the more outdoor people and private rooms and suites for those who want a little extra comfort. Not to mentions long term rental options for those like me seeking to have an extended stay in this heaven on earth.

From the first week I was here, I remember a tall, tan and shirtless Australian guy coming up to me with a little girl hanging on his side and he asked me how things were at the casita I was renting. Not really knowing he was one of the owners I said everything was ok. Since then Leaf and Irene have been the most welcoming people. From simple maintenance support to showing me where I can pick fresh turmeric from their garden, and even bringing loads of free papayas and plantains to share. They’ve made this city girl feel right at home

But nothing beats being able to hear the crashing waves from my bedroom and waking
everyone morning, being able to press my toes into the sand as I watch the sun rise over
the horizon.

Cove is a perfect place for anyone needing to have a peaceful and relaxing vacation or escape from the city. The land is big so you can mingle with travelers in the reception area or you can find yourself a cozy hammock or wooden swing to read a book while you listen to the birds.

Venao Cove, a little slice of heaven