Avoid the crowds this summer. visit Panama!

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Anyone who ever spent time at the coast in Europe during the busy summer months knows this scenario: one towel next to another little to no space between. Not an vacant stretch of sand to be seen.

Our suggestion: go a little further and get rewarded with vast, empty beaches and no crowds!

It’s May and the beginning of the green season in Panama. While rain in Europe is cold and grey in Panama it means tropical downpours that are warm and refreshing and the landscape is thankful for it. During green season sunny days often come in a row and those are our favorite days of the year. Picture bright sunshine upon a lush tropical surrounding.

If you come to Panama for surfing during green season you will find less crowds in the water. The surf on our shores is consistent all year round.

Last but not least we have great green season specials on offer!

Book any of our private rooms during the months of May, June, September or October and receive the following discounts: (valid for stays in private accommodation and for new bookings through our webpage only)

Receive 15% off entering the voucher code green season

Receive 30% off for a stay of 7 nights or more entering the voucher code green season weekly

Receive 50% off for a stay of 30 nights or more entering the voucher code green season monthly

Looking forward to seeing you at Venao Cove!